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Longing for the Holy Song CD
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Compilation CD of the principal songs suggested for the moments of prayer during the faith-sharing sessions.

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Each of the 12 faith-sharing sessions in Longing for the Holy includes explicit moments of prayer.
The book offers suggestions for songs that link to the theme of the sessions.
This CD is a compilation of the principal songs suggested for these moments of prayer.

Included on this CD are the following 13 songs:
Gathered in the Love of Christ
Everyday God
Anthem (We Are Called, We Are Chosen)
Weave One Heart (E Hakui i Ka Pu’u Wai)
I Am for You
Join in the Dance
For Living, For Dying
We Come to Your Feast
This Is (Song of Micah)
We Have Been Told
Here I Am, Lord (Ward)
River of Glory
Heal Me, Lord

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