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Deepening My Experience of God Etext
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Etext version

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ISBN: 1-930978-38-3

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Etext edition
Twelve faith-sharing sessions,
corresponding to Part Four of the Catechism of the Catholic Church
and Part Four of the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults.

WHY CATHOLIC? Christian Prayer

explores how we nurture our relationship with God in prayer
focuses on:
• prayer itself and how God communicates with us;
• different forms of prayer;
• certain difficultiesd we may experience in prayer.
a deeper look (three sessions) at the Lord's Prayer
Session 1: What Is Prayer?
Session 2: Prayer in the Old Testament
Session 3: Jesus and Mary Teach Us to Pray
Session 4: Forms of Prayer
Session 5: The Sources and Way of Prayer
Session 6: Guides for Prayer
Session 7: Vocal Prayer and Meditation
Session 8: Contemplative Prayer
Session 9: Difficulties in Prayer
Session 10: The Lord’s Prayer
Session 11: The Lord’s Prayer (continued)
Session 12: The Lord’s Prayer (conclusion)

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Songs for Faith Sharing on Christian Prayer
a CD offering all 12 songs suggested by this book for the moments of faith-sharing.
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