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Gleanings: A Personal Prayer Journal
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      "Journaling is an ancient, yet contemporary way to record our thoughts or feelings after we have prayed. …
      When we journal we come to new realizations about ourselves and our relationship with God,
      with other persons, and with all creation."
      From the Introduction

      Gleanings: A Personal Prayer Journal is a valuable tool for both avid and occasional journal writers.
      Each of the handsomely decorated pages offers a spiritual quotation or musing
      that can inspire the user to prayerfully reflect on his or her relationship with God.

      The comfortably-sized format is conducive to many different methods of journaling: writing, poetry, or even sketching.
      The book is ring-bound, so that the pages lie flat, ready for your contribution!

      An excellent companion for your personal faith journey, Gleanings will help you tap into the richness of God’s wisdom within you.