Comprehensive Process and Workshops

The following Orientation Sessions, Workshops and Formation Sessions are offered by the RENEW International ToT Team for the comprehensive RENEW ToT Young Adult Ministry Process. The Preparing a Place workshop is offered for all interested parishes.

RENEW ToT Workshop I:
The initial step in the RENEW Theology on Tap process is focused on the first essential element: forming a strong core community. This community will meet for the first time at the RENEW Theology on Tap Workshop I gathering. This workshop will present the core community with a vision of RENEW International’s young adult ministry through Theology on Tap. Its emphasis is the first two essential elements: faith-sharing community and commitment to invitation. Their mission over the next six weeks is to grow together through weekly faith sharing and to organize a Theology on Tap series at the parish or in the local community. The core community will receive the faith-sharing resource booklet “A Little Leaven …” which is designed to guide them in accomplishing these goals.
RENEW ToT Workshop II:
RENEW Theology on Tap Workshop II will kick off the second phase of the process—the series itself—and will present the core community with the final two essential elements of a comprehensive young adult ministry: a spirit of hospitality and meaningful follow-up. At this point, the preparations for your Theology on Tap series should be complete. It is now in the hands of the core community to create a welcoming environment at each event. The workshop will provide them with the nuts and bolts to do so. Also, during this time the core community will begin to discern who among them will lead your parish’s follow-up activities such as small Christian communities.
RENEW ToT Workshop III:
Theology on Tap acts as a method of invitation to many activities: small Christian
communities, retreats, service, prayer experiences, social events, etc. RENEW
International’s third visit equips your core community with the skills necessary to lead various types of follow-up at your parish. RENEW International will cater this final presentation, Workshop III: Formation for Leading Follow-Up, to meet the needs of your core community. RENEW will supplying them with group facilitation guidance and discuss topics pertinent to the particular follow-up they choose to implement.
Preparing a Place:
Becoming a Young Adult Responsive Parish
Target audience: Pastors, pastoral staff, catechetical leaders, and all involved in Young Adult Ministry
RENEW ToT is designed to engage and increase the interest of young adults, those in their 20s and 30s, married and single in the life of the Catholic community. As young adults become more visible in your parish, are you ready? The RENEW International ToT Team will propose strategies for understanding young adult Catholics, and discussing how they see the Church. Advice will be offered on how to encourage young adult involvement in parish life (through assumption of leadership roles, greater participation in the liturgy, and a deepening commitment to service).