Based on best-selling author Ronald Rolheiser, OMI's books The Shattered LanternThe Holy Longing, and Sacred Fire, the Spirituality for Everyday Life with Ronald Rolheiser Series explores the phases of discipleship and how to live as Christ's disciples in today's world.

Explore discipleship and develop deeper spirituality
Fr. Rolheiser, OMI, describes three stages of discipleship: 1) Getting your life together; 2) Giving your life away; and 3) Giving your death away.

Living in the Sacred takes participants on a deep spiritual journey exploring this second stage of discipleship. Having moved through the “getting your life together” stage, participants have made life commitments either in marriage or other relationships, child raising, to sick or elderly parents or other relatives, careers, or communities, Living in the Sacred is about how we stay true to these commitments as disciples of Christ. Companion to Longing for the Holy.
Fr. Ronald Rolheiser
Fr. Ronald Rolheiser, OMI

Resources available:

The Living in the Sacred Small-Group Set contains all of the ingredients needed to bring this enriching spiritual experience to life:
  • 10 Participant Books
  • Leading Prayer in Small Groups
  • Sowing Seeds
  • Gleanings Prayer journal
  • RENEW Tote Bag

The Participant's Book contains twelve sessions with prayers, reflections, sharing questions, and companion stories to cover the different dimensions of contemporary spiritual life.

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