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RENEW Africa

Small Christian Communities
in the Church in Africa Today

RENEW Africa is a dynamic, engaging process for the spiritual renewal of parishes, built on the faith experiences of Africans in their daily lives, and centered on faith sharing within small Christian communities.

RENEW Africa invites communities to pray, reflect on Scripture, deepen communion with one another and with Christ, and to reach out in service to others as an essential expression of their faith. Training sessions encourage the development of new lay leadership, so essential to becoming a truly self-sustaining church.

RENEW Africa is designed to help participants experience the rhythm of a vibrant faith life-cyclecelebrating Sunday Eucharist, responding to the call to love and serve, gathering as small communities reflecting on Scripture and returning to Sunday Eucharistenabling parishes to become a communion of communities united in the Lord.

Read Why Do RENEW Africa? by Father Tony Thouard OFM, Vicar for Evangelization in the Archdiocese of Johannesburg.

Total Parish involvement
through five intense six-week themes:

Season I Meet Christ Today:
Claiming Jesus as My Lord and Savior
Season II Healing the Body of Christ:
A Catholic Spirituality
Season III We are Church!
Establishing a Self-Sustaining Church
Season IV Sharing the Good News:
Catholic Evangelization
Season V The Church in Africa Today:
In Service to Justice, Peace and Reconciliation
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Without question, small Christian communities transform parish life bringing new energy and vibrancy to the local church. Every parish that has committed to the RENEW Africa process gives testimony to an increased involvement in parish ministry, a growth in outreach to the poor, and a greater awareness of the importance of the word of God in daily life.
Reverend Jerry Browne
Coordinator of RENEW Africa
Diocese of Port Elizabeth

The focus on Jesus as a person, rather than upon abstract principles, is a powerful way of bringing the group to personal conversion and renewal. Together with the sharing and the very moving stories, most of which are African, this down-to-earth approach will ensure that the appeal of the meetings will be to the heart rather than only to the head. The RENEW Africa Team is to be congratulated on this singular achievement.
Reverend Albert Nolan, OP
South African Theologian and Author