How can RENEW International help me
as a Ministry Leader?
Thank you for your interest in RENEW International! The Church is grateful for your dedication to ministry and your efforts to build the Kingdom of God.

As one bishop recently said, “There is no such thing as ‘maintenance ministry’ today.” These challenging times call for passion and zeal for the New Evangelization: helping parishioners awaken and deepen their faith, then share that renewed faith with others as they live it in daily life.

The New Evangelization offers us all a magnificent opportunity to face up to these challenges, and move forward in faith. RENEW International is uniquely suited to be your trusted partner in meeting your pastoral goals for your diocese or parish.
The Impact of RENEW International

RENEW International began more than three decades ago as a diocesan initiative to promote Vatican II’s renewed understanding of what it means to be Church. This has led to the flourishing of lay participation, not just in the liturgy, but in many aspects of Church life.

Today, over 50 years after Vatican II, RENEW International continues to promote this pastoral vision and to encourage those who are active in the Church to deepen their appreciation of their faith. Many parishes and dioceses have “councils” and “committees” steering the life of the parish and its activities. RENEW International invites you to think of these as communities, gathering not just for the work at hand, but also to pray together, to break open the Word of God, to discern together to what the Scripture is calling us, here and now.

To this end, RENEW International has developed innovative and comprehensive services and resources designed specifically to answer keys areas of pastoral concern:
  • The New Evangelization
  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Whole Family Catechesis
  • Spiritual Renewal

Since 1978, our organization has worked with more than 150 dioceses in the United States and in 23 other countries building vibrant communities of faith and gospel action. With close to 30,000 parishes participating in a RENEW process during this time, we have had the privilege to touch the lives of 25 million people with our commitment to personal and communal transformation.
Our Approach

Let us collaborate with your ministry team to develop a comprehensive and fully integrated plan to help you achieve your pastoral goals. We offer:

· Innovative pastoral services: on-site and web-based training delivered by a highly-skilled staff with backgrounds in theology, religious education, and pastoral ministry.
· Solid resource materials: thoughtfully developed from important Catholic sources: Scripture, the Catechism, Church pastoral documents, ministry experts and theologians, stories of saints.
· Communications support: publicity and invitation tips to maximize the awareness and participation in your area
· Web resources: documents, logos, images and planning tools that can be downloaded
· Multiple language options: including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and Haitian Creole


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our Director of Ministry Expansion, Greg Kremer, by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button on this page.

God bless you for your generous ministry to God’s people. We are honored to partner with you in helping you meet the pastoral goals of your diocese or parish.

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I consider RENEW International’s parish renewal programs to be at the top of the list of the most valuable gifts given by the Holy Spirit to the Church over the past three decades.

-Fr. Allan Figueroa Deck, SJ
U.S. Conference
of Catholic Bishops

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