How can RENEW International help me as a Parishioner?

We live in what more and more people typify as “a secular age.” Despite that, or perhaps precisely because of that, there seems to be a great thirst for spiritual nourishment.

As Catholics, we have the support of the Mass and the sacraments for our spiritual life, but we need to complement how we celebrate and pray with others with time for personal prayer and reflection.

Our Approach
RENEW International has always worked to serve as the bridge between these two essential aspects of faith life, between the personal and the communal, and to help ensure that our spiritual lives are a happy balance of both.

RENEW International does this by promoting faith sharing.

The paradox of faith: it is deeply personal, each one of us has to say “I believe,” which makes it sound as if it is “my” faith. In fact, what we do is identify ourselves with the faith of the Church, Faith ultimately is a God-given gift that we receive through the Church when we are baptized into new life in Christ. Part of the very essence of faith is that it is ecclesial, it is shared, it is something I hold and cherish with everyone else who has been baptized.

That is why faith sharing is so important, because it is true to the nature of faith as something personal, and it is true to the nature of faith as something that is, and has to be, shared. That is why RENEW International has dedicated more than three decades of its existence promoting the practice of faith sharing.

Get Involved
Gather a group of friends to journey together in faith.

To guide and support you, RENEW International offers a wide-range of resources. Some of these are topic-based: others are focused on certain moments in the year, Advent and Lent when the Church encourages us to make a special effort to dedicate time to prayer. Please browse our online store for a wide variety of resources.

We also invite you to explore our web site for interesting overviews of how RENEW is working around the world. Connect with us and we will bring you spiritual insights for daily life and inspiring stories: You can support RENEW’s mission by making a tax-deductible donation towards our work with economically-challenged parishes in rural and urban areas in the United States and in the developing world.

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