Vietnamese Why Catholic? Leader
Reflects on First Sessions

Hung Nguyen has been instrumental in the success of Why Catholic? in the Vietnamese community in the Archdiocese of Boston. An ARISE Together in Christ participant, Hung led an effort to translate Lenten Longings into Vietnamese so that community could participate in the immediate follow-up to ARISE. After working with RENEW International's Sr. Maureen Colleary, he and Deacon Van Nguyen conducted Why Catholic? small community leader training workshops in Vietnamese. Hung recently wrote to Sr. Maureen:

I am grateful to work with a group of Why Catholic? small community leaders at St. Ambrose in Dorchester, MA. Most of these leaders led a group for the first time in the response to the high level of participation at St. Ambrose.

Vietnamese Why Catholic? Group in BostonThey stepped out of their comfort zone and did a wonderful job. The leaders attended the Why Catholic?Workshop in Vietnamese and met each week for six weeks to prepare for the upcoming faith-sharing sessions. Their hard work and prayers paid off. They showed that with hard work and prayers, the Holy Spirit would lead the way.

We had a little celebration at the end of the sixth session. There were many good reasons to celebrate.The survey at the end of the six weeks indicates that Why Catholic? has helped participants understand more about prayer and the different forms of prayer. And through prayers they got closer to Jesus, our Lord.

One participant shared her story during the Living the Good News section and during the celebration. She said she changed a lot “this time.” She said that she had a bad feeling toward her father-in-law but after one of the faith-sharing sessions she decided to pray for him. She felt a lot better after that. She felt very peaceful.

I noticed that people talk about prayer, different forms of prayer, and what they gained from attending Why Catholic?and they are looking forward to the next six sessions in October. So am I.
Vietnamese Why Catholic? Participant
Vietnamese Celebrate Why Catholic?

    Photos courtesy of Hung Nguyen.

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