First Why Catholic? Workshop Conducted in Vietnamese

When RENEW International began working with the Archdiocese of Boston on ARISE Together in Christ, the faith-sharing books were needed in a number of languages, one of which was Vietnamese. The Vietnamese community enthusiastically engaged in the process, Cùng PHỤC SINH trong Ðức Kitô.

When the Archdiocese decided to follow ARISE with Lenten Longings in 2011, the resource had not been translated into Vietnamese. Members of the community offered to translate it themselves and worked with RENEW’s Publications team to get the book to print.

At that time, as the Archdiocese prepared to implement Why Catholic?,the idea of offering the Small Community Leader Formation workshops in Vietnamese was proposed to Sr. Honora Nolty, RENEW’s Assistant Director and lead staff member for ARISE in Boston.

During the summer and fall of 2011, Deacon Van Nguyen and Hung Nguyen worked with Sr. Maureen Colleary, RENEW pastoral staff member for Why Catholic? to get the workshop material translated and to become familiar with the content. They attended Sr. Maureen’s leader formation workshop in English, and then, on February 2, 2012, the first training of small community leaders in Vietnamese was conducted at St. Ambrose Church in Dorchester, MA.

Deacon Nguyen presents Why Catholic? by RENEW International
RENEW Why Catholic Program
Deacon Van Nguyen presents
Small group leaders at the workshop

Small Community Leaders for Why Catholic?
Mary Ann McLaughlin with Vietnamese leaders

Deacon Van and Hung presented to 20 small community leaders from St. Ambrose and St. Bernadette Churches. Also in attendance were Fr. Tinh Nguyen of St. Ambrose and Mary Ann McLaughlin, Archdiocesan Why Catholic? Coordinator. Mary Ann greeted the group and set an exciting tone for the evening.

Faith sharing will begin on Thursday, February 23, with all groups meeting each week at the same time. Plans have been made for a special 6:00 pm mass for all the Why Catholic? participants, including a commissioning ceremony for the small group leaders. At 7:00, the small groups will meet in various rooms at the parish.

During the six weeks of Lent, all the leaders will meet together on Tuesday evenings, led by Deacon Van, to share and prepare for the small group sessions on Thursday. Hung describes the leaders as “committed.”

At St. Ambrose, there are already 150 Vietnamese signed up to participate in Why Catholic?, a significant increase of the 80 who participated in Lenten Longings, and St. Bernadette is still engaged in the sign-up process.

Congratulations to this very dedicated group of Cùng PHỤC SINH leaders on a job well done.

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