“You are the light of the world…No one lights a lamp to put it under a basket; they put it on a lampstand where it shines for all in the house. “ Matthew 5-14

Catholic young adults between the ages of 20 and 40 are searching for meaning in their work and their relationships, ways to be of service to others, and a deeper spiritual and prayerful life. They have the light of faith deeply burning in them and seek ways to express it in their own terms.

Theology on Tap, created by Fr. John Cusick in the Archdiocese of Chicago three decades ago, is now promulgated around the world by RENEW International as an effective ministry to these young adults.

Theology on Tap is structured around events held in restaurants, parish halls, and coffeehouses—places where young adults already are comfortable and feel welcome. These events feature an engaging speaker presenting a theological topic, time for discussion, faith sharing, and community building.

Events cover a wide variety of topics and many planning teams make great efforts to incorporate current Church themes in their programs (such as the New Evangelization) as well as topics of interest to young adults in their daily lives, including being Catholic in a secular work place and what religious liberty means to the young Catholic adults today, etc.

These programs have created possibilities for many young Catholic adults to experience the Catholic faith in ways that help them be stronger and better able to serve the Catholic community.

Currently groups are active in many dioceses and parishes throughout the United States as well locations in Durban and Johannesburg, South Africa; London, England;

With almost 200 organizing entities hosting events in far-flung destinations, RENEW ToT wants to help young adults find gatherings in their local vicinity. Our new interactive map is designed to do just that. Go to www.renewtot.org and click on Events and then Attend an Event. We also encourage young adults to follow RENEW’s Theology on Tap Facebook page for more information.

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