Theology on Tap Celebrates
Ten Years in Los Angeles, 30 in U.S.

By Theresa A. Thibodeaux

In 1981, a young man named Tim Leeming was hanging out at a pub in Chicago with some of his best buddies. One of the local priests was there and they began to have a chat.

They talked about life, the things concerning Tim and realized what a special opportunity they were able to share. Upon further reflection, it became clear how all too uncommon these conversations were. Tim wondered about creating a space where young adults could gather, in their comfort zone, and talk about issues they may not bring up elsewhere: specifically issues that regarded matters of faith and life.

Read more in The Tidings, the weekly newspaper of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

In 2003, RENEW International formed a partnership Archdiocese of Chicago to make Theology on Tap the premier national outreach to Catholic young adults.

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