Sr. Terry Rickard and Fr. John Sassani present
Renewing the Priestly Heart
at St. Joseph’s Seminary

Sr Terry Rickard, OP and Fr John SassaniOn April 19, 2012, RENEW International had the opportunity to present a special afternoon of fellowship, prayer, and renewal to a gathering of priests from the Archdiocese of New York. Organized by Fr. Tom Devery, the Director of the Office of Priest Personnel in the archdiocese, this event brought interested priests to St. Joseph’s Seminary at Dunwoodie, NY.
RENEW’s president, Sr. Terry Rickard, OP, and Fr. John Sassani, a pastor from the Archdiocese of Boston served as presenters for the afternoon. Fr. Sassani spoke to the group about key elements of priestly spirituality and the need for building fraternity among priests, while Sr. Terry addressed the ways in which small communities of priests are ideal settings for personal and communal renewal and enrichment.

These topics arose from RENEW International’s observation from its ministry work in parishes around the country: parish priests, stretched by many day-to-day duties, do not have sufficient opportunities for spiritual renewal and fraternal community. RENEW developed Renewing the Priestly Heart, as a renewal process with a resource book and audio set, especially for use in regular meetings of small groups of priests.

Fr. Sassani wrote the book based on his three decades of experience as a priest. He also incorporated reflections on the priesthood from the writings of Timothy Cardinal Dolan drawn from his time as a seminary rector as presented in Priests for the Third Millenium. The audio edition features a series of narrated personal reflections on priestly life and vocation.

RENEW International is also collaborating with the Diocese of Davenport, resulting in many ongoing monthly small groups of priests using Renewing the Priestly Heart.

For more information about Renewing the Priestly Heart, please visit www.renewintl.org/priestlyheart.
Sr Terry Rickar presenting Renewing the Priestly Heart

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