RENEW Theology on Tap Events

RENEW Theology on Tap events are a great way for young adults to meet in a casual setting to hear an interesting speaker on a topic of Catholic faith, have lively conversation, and enjoy food and drink together. Local parishes offer these events so that young adults experience a sense of community, have a great experience learning about Catholicism, and feel invited to take part in the ongoing life of the Church. Teams of Catholics aged 21 to 39 organize these events to reach out to their peers.

What Happens at a RENEW Theology on Tap Event?
  • When guests arrives, the welcoming team immediately greets them. They are invited to come in, eat, drink, and socialize.
  • A speaker talks on a topic of Catholic faith relevant to young adults in a style that is both engaging and theologically solid. (30-40 mins)
  • After the presentation is complete, participants can discuss thoughts with the people around them about issues and questions raised in the talk. (20-30 mins)
  • Guests may be invited to share thoughts from their table's small group with the larger group or ask the speaker clarifying questions. (10-20 mins)
  • Young adults can conclude the evening by remaining to continue conversations.

Where Do RENEW Theology on Tap Events Take Place?
A comfortable informal setting, such as a restaurant, bar or parish hall makes a great RENEW Theology on Tap venue. Food and drink are offered for a modest charge.

When and How Often Do RENEW Theology on Tap Events Take Place?
Local parishes will usually offer a series of three to four events in a month, held once or twice a year. Young adults are welcomed to attend events in other parts of the country that they might be visiting.

What are Popular Speaker Topics?
Dynamic speakers address real-world topics that challenge young adults to greater faith and a deeper relationship with God. Some titles of past events include, "The Young Adult Experience: Strategies for the Young Adult Years," " Recognizing God in Everyday Events: Is There More Than Meets the Eye?", "The Challenge of Jesus: Is He the One or Should I Look for Another?". All talks present solid Catholic teachings in a manner relevant and engaging to young adults.

List of Events