RENEW International Featured in Catholic Digest

The June 2011 issue of Catholic Digest features an article entitled "Pedro and the 18th Street Gang." It is the story of a young man in El Salvador, who through his participation in the RENEW process, was able to escape the gang lifestyle and turn his life around. "Pedro" is one just one of hundreds whose lives have been touched by RENEW El Salvador.
    The hot sun beat down on his back as Pedro, 24, rode his bike, hitting the streets in his hometown in El Salvador looking for a job. He smiled to himself as he turned down a side street. Despite everything — dropping out of school at 13, his time in the gang, jail —he had finished high school and gone on to study nursing. Now all he needed was a full-time job. Read more.

    RENEW El Salvador's Dr. Irma Chávez (back right) observes youth at risk in a job training program.
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