ARISE Together in Christ Team Featured
at Diocese of Stockton Ministry Day 2010

RENEW Staff to Deliver English and Spanish Keynotes

Stockton Bishop Stephen Blaire is inviting Catholics--clergy, Catholic school principals and teachers; directors in parish ministries, leaders of parish organizations, parish councils; people interested in learning more about their faith, Bible study groups;catechists at all levels and people who teach and share their faith with others;youth leaders and Confirmation sponsors; health care and service professionals; deacons, deacon candidates, and their wives; liturgical ministers, musicians, and cantors; and all the people in the pews-- to the 37th annual Diocesan Ministry Day Conference on March 6, 2010. The theme, “Shepherd the Word,” is in keeping with the diocesan Synod call to “Full active, conscious participation in the life and mission of the Church”. In collaboration with ARISE Together in Christ, Ministry Day 2010 is designed to encourage and assist Stockton's Catholics to take ownership of their faith, their ministries, their Monday through Sunday life by making the Word of God the center of all they do.

RENEW International's Sister Maureen Colleary, the ARISE facilitator for Stockton, will deliver the keynote in English. Manuel Hernandez, who facilitates LEVÁNTATE Unámonos con Cristo for RENEW will speak in Spanish.

Sr. Maureen's keynote address will explore the sometimes paradoxical implications of what it means to talk about “shepherding the Word.” Do we shepherd the Word, or does the Word shepherd us? Attendees will reflect together on the centrality and lifegiving force of the Word. They will examine faith sharing as something that unites us with Who we believe the Word is and will let the Word echo in us as a call to ARISE Together in Christ.

Señor Hernández explorará varios aspectos del misterio de la revelación de Dios. La palabra hecha carne (Juan 1:14), presencia divina entretejida con la humana. Haremos un recuento y compararemos nuestras pequeñas comunidades cristianas con la comunidad modelo de Hechos 2:42, momentos fundamentales del ministerio de la palabra, (Evangelización, Catequesis y Liturgia). Un encuentro personal con Cristo, evangelio de vida. Como hacer florecer en nuestra comunidades parroquiales la justicia y el amor, la palabra de Dios hecha vida. Evangelizar es la misión propia de la Iglesia.

The day will also feature a full track of workshops in English and Spanish and an exhibit featuring many prominent Catholic publishers. Visit the Diocese of Stockton website for more information.

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