ARISE Billboard

ARISE Billboard Greets Lubbock

This billboard, sponsored by St. Elizabeth Parish in Snyder, Texas, expresses the enthusiasm of parishioners for ARISE Together in Christ. The Diocese of Lubbock begins faith-sharing for Season One in October.

Anne Scanlan of RENEW International’s Pastoral Services Team, said there is “incredible openness and receptivity to ARISE in Lubbock. The parishes that hosted the workshops make every person who comes feel valued and encouraged on their faith journey.”

Anne, along with Manuel Hernandez, trained 700 people in English and Spanish at seven sites throughout the diocese.

Bishop Plácido Rodríguez, CMF, who has expressed strong support and commitment to ARISE, attended several of the workshops to train small community leaders. Bishop Rodriguez worked with las comunidades eclesiales de base in the 1970s, as small communities are known in Spanish, and knows firsthand how the experience of belonging to and faith sharing with a small community can enrich one’s faith as well as form and raise up new leaders in the parish.

“The goal at the finish of the process of ARISE Together in Christ is that the Diocese of Lubbock will have well trained parish leaders,” Bishop Rodriguez said.

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