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A Why Catholic? group lives the Good News and builds a new house for an elderly neighbor.
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An ARISE group created a cookbook whose proceeds went to help Hearth, a Boston organization to end elder homeless.
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What people are saying about their small communities

Our group was so open and it was obvious that this was the work of the Spirit. Initially the sharing was a stretch for some but as the weeks went on they opened up beautifully. At every session each person brought a contribution for our food pantry. I was inspired to read the Gospel more.
- Bill, St. Joseph

I met a man who shared with me about his great experience in Season One. Thursday, his WC? meeting day, always seemed to be the worst day of his week: the kids' schedules were crazy, work was stressful, life in general was tough. So even thinking about going to the small community was added stress but he made the decision to go anyway. He said that not only was the experience in the group wonderful but he began to notice that the following day after the meeting always was a really good day and he began to make the connections. Time spent in seeking God gave him a deeper sense of peace and purpose.
- Tom, St. Agatha

In our group we learned we had very common experiences of Jesus but that Jesus was also uniquely a part of each one’s life.
- Steve, St. Zepherin

My experience is that we all came from different places on the faith journey but with the sharing, we found we are all going to the same place and we are richer for it.
- John, St. Gregory
I had been angry with God, not going to church, my life was pretty messed up. My wife and I decided to be in different groups. While we respected confidentiality, we did compare what we experienced in our respective groups. It was beyond my expectations. Our conversations and sharing as a couple changed our marriage.
- Jack, St. Joseph
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